How to select a good Integrated Library Software (ILS)

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How to select a good Integrated Library Software (ILS)

Usually three types of tasks are performed at libraries:

  1. Automation
  2. Digitization
  3. Content Management

The following features may be useful for any Integrated Library System (ILS)
It must be:

  • Web-based / Client Server
  • Multi-lingual (Unicode Support)
  • Support for complex scripts/ Right to Left languages (Urdu, Arabic, Sindhi, Pashtu, etc)
  • Standard for cataloging of bibliographic material and authority files be MARC 21
  • Searching and data import/ export facility using z39.50 protocol
  • Facility to export data in different popular formats like MARC, Endnote References, ISBD, RefWorks, etc
  • Having facility to make bibliographies / references in favorite styles (Chicago Style, APA Syle, etc) for citations
  • Having facility to make bibliographies of Urdu language according to new Urdu Alphabets scheme (Available at www.crulp https://edrx….lly/.org/oud )
  • Having facility to store and serve digital material using Dublin Core metaset (it is the most favorite Metadata standard for digital libraries) or Qualified Dublin Core (It is based upon DC)
  • Having facility to create and launch web-based services like CAS, Ask a librarian, also having option for polls, news, announcements, etc. (Contents Management System)
  • Can generate barcodes (Favorite standard for barcodes is Code 39)
  • Can generate or customize reports.
  • Can be linked with other libraries to generate a union catalogue (Example is
  • Having good documentation, support (24X7), trainings, etc

Note: The above document was primarily designed for HEC ILS Selection Committee


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