Month: September 2008

Solutions for Professionals

Govt to set up libraries at union council level: CM

Chief Minister of Punjab has announced that Govt of Punjab will setup libraries at Union Council Level. Being Library Professional, what are your views about this announcement?


Online Survey Software (Limesurvey)

Dear All

I would like to share with you an other Free and Open-Source Software, LimeSurvey (

It is the best in available softwares for conducting surveys. The main features are as under:

  • Online as well as Offline Data Collection

Scripts to create Accession Register in Koha

It is a good news for the Koha lovers that now you can print the Accession Register report from your Koha ILS. No need to use any external software to get this report.
Just download the scripts and copy those scripts on the instructed locations.

Thats done…
The link is given below:

Learning and Enhancing Koha

Step-by-step Guides for Installation, and Configuration of Koha

yeh to sab kuch hi hay na