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Digital Library Network of South Asia (DLNetSA):

The members of DLNetSA are:

The present members of DLNetSA are:

  • Pakistan, LISolutions
  • Bangladesh, East West University
  • India, SRELS
  • Maldives, National Library
  • Nepal, National LibraryDELNetSA Team

Elected Body of DLNetSA

The 2nd meeting of the DLNetSA Country Coordinators was hosted and organized by the East West University, Dhaka, Bangladesh 4-6 July 2013.
The following body was elected by the members of DLNetSA for the next tenure ending December 2015:

  • President: Pakistan, LISolutions
  • Vice President: Maldives, National Library
  • General Secretary: Bangladesh, East West University

Member of DLNetSA Technical Committee

LISolutions and its representatives are part of DLNetSA Technical Committee too.

Goals & Objectives:

The principal objective of the DLNetSA is to create an operational and sustainable digital library network in South Asia with focus on providing support for digital library activities and integrated library systems using Open Source Software, by:

  1. Identification and formation of a national DLNetSA network node for each country in South Asia;
  2. Developing systems and procedures for enhancing electronic information resource sharing. The network shall consciously work towards promoting inter-operable open access repositories in the region;
  3. Advocating on the development of appropriate computing and communication infrastructure for digital libraries in South Asia;
  4. Designing and implementing effective programmes for skill enhancement of network members by such means as may be appropriate;
  5. Supporting the development of digital library interfaces in the languages of the region and creation of operational national / regional language collections by each of the national nodes;
  6. Creating digital collections of local information (indigenous knowledge) using GSDL and related software with the objective of improving the quality of life of the community through information exchange;
  7. Encouraging and supporting national nodes to carry out user education programmes to enhance the use of digital libraries (information literacy and IT literacy).
  8. Establishing an appropriate mechanism for the design, implementation and coordination of DLNetSA activities leading, in due course to the institutionalization of DLNetSA.


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  1. The official website of the Digital Library Network of South Asia (DLNetSA)is http://dlnetsa.info

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