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Total Library Solution – TLS

Download TLS v. 3.0.0 from Here (Updated Oct. 2017)

Total Library Solution (TLS) is a suite of Free and Open Source Software customized for the local needs of LIS Community of Pakistan.

TLS is customized solution for the following (Installed, Pre-configured, Customized) software:

1- Xubuntu 16.04 LTS  (A secure Server-Based installation)

2- Koha 17.05.04x ILS (Latest version, customized for local needs of LIS community of Pakistan)

3- DSpace 6.2 (A favorite Digital Library Suite)

4- Webmin (Remote Server Management)

and many more…

This DVD/ISO can be used without installing on your computer.  Just put DVD in DVD ROM and restart your computer and select LIVE CD/DVD option and all the above software will be available immediately without any configuration.

To install all the above Free and Open Source applications, just select install option and a wizard will start to help you install on your computer.

TLS Installation Demo Video


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This DVD is available at Sourceforge website.


  1. What is Live DVD/ISO?
  2. What is Total Library Solution (TLS) and why do you think that it is very important achievement?
  3. Why do you think that it is very important achievement?
  4. We are Windows users and do not know how to use Linux, can it will be helpful for us too?
  5. From where this DVD can be obtained?
  6. Is there any training available to use TLS DVD/ISO?
  7. What is the price of TLS?


Q. 1: What is Live DVD?

Ans: LIVE DVD is a DVD that has two major functions:
a- It can be used to install Linux on your computer/server
b- It can be used without installation. Just put the DVD into your computer DVD and restart it with Live CD/DVD options and all the functionality will be available without affecting your computer hardware.

So a Live DVD/ISO can help you to choose whether you need it to install on your computer or not. Simply it is a test drive.

Q.2: What is Total Library Solution (TLS) and why do you think that it is very important achievement?

Ans: Total Library Solution is a combination of many Free and Open Source Software. Major software are :

  • Koha (Latest Version)
  • DSpace Digital Library Software

Q.3: do you think that it is very important achievement?

Ans: Most of library professionals in Pakistan are Windows users and Free and Open Source Software for library use are available in Linux. Keeping in view the needs of Windows users the combination of software is configured so that professionals can use them without having expertise of Linux. Also Configuration is a hectic process and we believe that user may not put their efforts in configuration etc. They should directly go in the application and use it.

Q.4: We are Windows users and do not know how to use Linux, can it will be helpful for us too?

Ans: TLS is a collection of FOSS on Linux and all the components will be installed on your server or some PC with Linux but you will use this PC in LAN or Internet using your Windows machine. Just like most of web services like Yahoo, GMail, etc are being provided from Linux/Unix servers but we can easily use those services from our Windows computers. So it is only one time installation of TLS on one of your computer then you will not be accessing all services in Linux

So it does not make any difference whether you are Windows user or Linux user to use TLS

Q.5: From where this DVD/ISO can be obtained?

Ans: This DVD/ISO is available at and If some users feel difficulty to download this heavy data, they can contact info@lisolutions https://indege….lis/.org for TLS in DVD but the postal charges and price of DVD will be paid by the users

Q.6: Is there any training available to use TLS DVD/ISO?

Ans: We have got a very good response from LISolutions trainees who have already got some training from us to organize some training on Koha for Linux and TLS too. We will arrange some training soon at Lahore or Islamabad for Koha and TLS.
This training will include:

a- How to use TLS and its components?
b- How to use Koha for Linux?
c- How to migrate from other software (Koha for Windows, ISIS, etc) to Koha


Q.7: What is the price of TLS?

Ans: TLS is Free. It is being released using Free and Open Source Framework and all software/technology used in this package is FOSS. So everything is Free and Open Source

Note: For more questions, please use the comment box below so that we may include their answers too

29 Responses

  1. farasat shafi-ullah says:

    Wonder-full effort. keep it up

  2. tahir zareef kayani says:

    Nice efforts. some links to download or address to get may please be mentioned.

  3. Sileshi Worku says:

    when and where is the training?

  4. Muhammad Asghar Ali says:

    A milestone towards automation of libraries in Pakistan.

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  6. Syed Aamir Abbas says:

    Nice efforts in the field of LIS. Keep this spirit maintained

  7. Ishtiaq Ahmed says:

    Really tremendous effort by Mr. Ata, It will definitely brings changes in Librarianship and creates respect for the profession…

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  9. jawad m khan says:

    iam fan of Mr Ata ur Rehman and also of the Free and Open Source Softwares. i appreciate his worderful efforts for the promotion of FOSS movemnet.

    I took training of koha 2.2.8 in july, 2008 from him, and implement the same in NUST CAE.

    Mr ata ur rehman is an assett to LIS and its community.

    wishes him all success in his future endeaures.

  10. Zaheer Hussain says:

    I appreciate your great work and hope you will continue your effort in future.

  11. Adalid Ortiz says:

    Thanks a lot for this KOHA live-dvd. Where can i find the passwords for the software installed?


  12. Adalid Ortiz says:

    OK, i will find them. Next mont have a regional library meeting and want to show this live-dvd to librarians with minimal computer experience like me.

    Saludos cordiales.

  13. Adalid Ortiz says:

    This is a great Koha + Dspace + WordPress, etc. Live DVD. Why not a 3.10.x upgradable (apt-get update/upgrade) version?

    Saludos desde México

  14. Feroze Khan says:

    How can I get live CD of KOHA3.10 here in Karachi as I am unable to download.

  15. M. Arshad Iqbal says:

    wonderful contribution sir

  16. M. Arshad Iqbal says:

    wonderful contribution dear sir

  17. zewar khan says:

    Dear sir,
    I have downloaded the lates TLS2.0. in the previous version tls 1.7.0 greenstone can easily be activitated but in TLS2 version there is no such facility. I would be very gratful if you could please help me guide how to activate the Greenstone3. secondly in TLS1.7 there was a facility to install tls side side but is i dont know if tls2 has this facility. Thankyou

  18. Amtul Sajjad says:

    This good effort Mr. Atta-ur-Rehman. Kindly arrange full training/workshop on this.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Ma’m. We have organized many workshops/trainings at Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Sargodha, Bahawalpur. Recently two trainings were organized during December 2015 at University of Sargodha and HEJ Karachi.

  19. Atiya says:

    Sir….Training fee??????

  20. Imtiaz Ahmad says:

    Nice effort in automation of libraries

  21. Monisa Aslam says:

    It’s quite easy and hands on. zabardast efforts. hatts off to u Mr. Ata ur rehman. any one can take benefit from ur work.

    excellent work………

  22. very useful combo for librarians hats off to sir Atta ur Rehman sahib

  23. Monisa Aslam says:


  24. Zahir Ali Khan says:

    sir Salute you, it is a great effort in the field of librarianship. I learnt many new thing form this. I was although working on koha, but your this effort changed my working capacity and skills

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